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Medical Physicist, New Clinic Location


New Clinic Location opening in Jasper, GA in early 2025!

Radiation safety, quality control, and quality assurance of the physics section in Radiation Oncology and other areas assigned. Radiotherapy treatment planning in Radiation Oncology, Gamma Knife and other areas.


Masters of Science in Medical Physics, or related discipline.

Three years of clinical experience in a radiation therapy department or completion of a CAMPEP approved residency program.

Ability to be listed as an authorized medical physicist on a radioactive material license in the State of Georgia. Has completed Part I of the certification exam by the American Board of Radiology in Radiation Therapy Physics and actively pursuing ABR certification when eligible.


1.Performs external beam radiotherapy treatment planning.

a.Performs routine dose calculations. Generates patient data required for treatment calculation,compensating filter design, mold construction and blocking device fabrication.

b.Obtains routine or specialized dosimetry information for physical parameters on treatment units.

c.Documents individualized treatment plans that include all necessary dosimetry and technical datain patients treatment chart.

d.Advises and works with Radiation Oncologists to solve any dosimetric problems and/or devisesany special techniques necessary throughout the course of a patients treatment.

e.Coordinates and performs computerized treatment plans for external beam therapy.

f.Reviews all aspects of treatment planning.

g.Performs planning for stereotactic extracranial radiotherapy treatments and supervises treatment delivery.

2.Observes/performs Gamma Knife treatment.

a.Participates in MR and CT image acquisitions and structure localization to ensure imagingtechniques and patient setup are consistent with good treatment planning

b.Advises and works with the Neurosurgeon and Radiation Oncologist to produce individualizedtreatment plans which include all necessary dosimetry and technical data for Gamma Knifetreatments

c.Implements quality assurance and radiation safety measures with regard to each patientstreatment

d.Assists in delivering the treatment plan to the patient

3.Performs quality control functions

a.Conducts monthly accelerator and Gamma Knife quality assurance.

b. Spot checks and reviews all technical and scientific data generated from simulation through treatment in order to ensure accuracy and precision of patients treatment plan.

c. Performs chart checks for any mathematical errors or prescription changes that may have occurred throughout the course of treatment.

d. Performs applications of specific methods of dosimetry (Ion chamber, TLD, or film) to special clinical problems.

e. Performs required calibrations of radiotherapy equipment and Gamma Knife.

f. Implements quality assurance and quality control with regards to patients treatments.

g. Performs quality assurance on IMRT treatment plans.

4. Performs brachytherapy treatment planning

a. Verifies the prescription by the radiation oncologist and radioisotope used in brachytherapy.

b. Works with the simulation therapist to ensure good simulation/CT techniques and results.

c. Performs treatment planning according to prescription.

d. Consults with the radiation oncologist to solve any dosimetric problems and/or devices special techniques necessary for the treatment.

e. Knows the rules and regulations by the state governing the usage of radioactive materials and applies that knowledge in good practice in brachytherapy.

5. Makes responsible decisions that enhance productivity and reduce costs.

a. Considers the cost of equipment and/or supplies before making requests or selection.

b. Makes efficient use of supplies that are available.

c. Assists management with identifying cost containment initiatives or revenue enhancement projects.

d. Manages time appropriately.

f. Accurately enters and reviews daily charges.

6. Complies with Piedmont Hospitals Radiation Safety Program.

a. Practices ALARA in all activities

b. Interacts with hospital departments regarding usage and storage of radioactive materials.

c. Follows policies and procedures regarding the use of personnel dosimetry and safe use of hazardous equipment

7. Performs and/or assists with inter-departmental radiation studies and trials.

a. Participates in all ongoing protocol studies with respect to gathering correct data and documentation of materials needed to the study.

b. Assists with the implementation of protocols.

c. Ensures that all documentation is performed correctly and in a timely manner.

8. Establishes a good working relationship with physicians and other members of department and provides positive feedback to coworkers and other hospital personnel.

a. Performs appropriately in an emergency and/or difficult situation by remaining calm, notifying the appropriate personnel, and initiating the appropriate action

b. Provides positive, supportive communication to patients, families and visitors.

c. Promotes a team approach among coworkers.

9. Demonstrates appropriate communication with clients of various age groups.
a. Uses appropriate language when communicating with people of varying age groups.
b. Demonstrates the appropriate approach to clients of various age groups.
10. Participates in PH and departmental programs and initiatives.

a. Attends meetings & serves on committees as requested by management.

b. Participates in department functions and activities.

c. Assists management with identifying ways to implement department goals and objectives.

- Skills related to treatment planning, radiotherapy equipment calibration and measurement.
- Good written and oral communication skills.
- Knowledge of current trends in the field of medical physics.

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