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Surg Tech II - Orthopedics


Performs necessary duties in scrub role. Takes on greater responsibility in providing patient care demonstrating a higher level critical thinking and problem solving skills. Functions in partnership with licensed staff. Performs patient care duties for clients of various age groups under the direction of a registered nurse.

1. Meets the criteria stated in Level 1.

2. Demonstrates advanced knowledge and proficient practice in the first scrub role the in majority of surgical procedures.
a. Prepares for each surgical procedure in an accurate, aseptically prioritized and timely manner, including reviewing and utilizing appropriate preference cards, obtaining supplies, instruments and setting up.
b. Facilitates the surgical procedure by draping, passing instruments and sutures.
c. Ensures post procedure activities are completed by completion of counts, appropriate care of specimens, instruments and equipment.

3. Functions in partnership with licensed staff.
a. Facilitates continuity of procedure and functioning of other health care team members which includes maintaining an organized back table, giving a brief concise report when relieved and anticipating surgeon needs.
b. Observes patients condition and immediately reports any changes or significant findings to the physician and Registered Nurse.
c. Serves as patient advocate including patient care and safety.
d. Supports licensed staff as requested by utilizing skills and equipment in which he/she is competent.
e. Assists in transporting patients.
f. Applies knowledge of advanced surgical techniques and those cases related to emergency situations and surgical procedures in the operating room.

4. Performs patient care duties for clients of various age groups under the direction of a registered nurse.
a. Supports licensed staff by performing treatments or procedures as delegated and only those which he/she is competent and in a safe, accurate and timely manner; this includes clipping, prepping surgical site and positioning of patient.
b. Successfully completes the age-specific study modules.
c. Uses appropriate language when communicating with specific age patient.
d. Appropriately modifies the approach to patients when performing specific procedures/tasks.
e. Uses appropriate equipment and resources for the specific age, when performing procedures and providing information.
f. Appropriately provides comfort and safety measures for specific age patient.

5. Maintains competence.
a. Exhibits a higher level of collaboration with peers in making decisions related to surgical patient care.
b. Retains new information and implements new processes or use new equipment.
6. Performs other essential duties.
a. Serves as a preceptor for peers on the surgical services team and new orienting employees.
b. Prepares case carts according to procedure and preference cards.
c. Prepares OR room and other areas (as needed) for receiving patients, which includes stocking, cleaning equipment or storage areas, turns OR room over, orders/requests supplies, preparing instruments for future procedures, notification of specialty staff regarding needed instrumentation or equipment.

Skill and ability to communicate effectively both verbally and in-writing.
Independently first scrubs basic surgical procedures in all surgical specialties.
Demonstrates ability to problem-solve in relation to the procedure being performed.
Applies base knowledge of anatomy and physiology, medical terminology, microbiology, and pharmacology for optimal surgical patient care.
Demonstrates knowledge and practice of patient care concepts.
Applies the principles of sterile technique during surgical procedures.
Skill and ability to handle multiple priorities, self-directed, and apply independent judgment.
Ability to work as a member of a team.
Ability to adapt quickly to changing situations.
Skill and ability in basic computer skills.


High School graduate or GED.
Graduate of a Surgical Technology program.

Certification as a Surgical Technologist or 3 years of surgical tech experience required.

BLS certification required.

Certification as a Surgical Technologist preferred

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